Dryer Repair and Maintenance Tips

Dryer Repair and Maintenance Tips

Doing the laundry is one of the most time consuming house chores, and as much as you would like to magically have your laundry done in the blink of an eye, this is not how things are done. The good news is that there are dryers which can help make this heavy chore lighter and more efficient. Dryers can cut your waiting time for your clothes to dry. Dryers can give you the convenience of not having to wring out your clothes while efficiently sapping out the water from the fabric. Ironing less wrinkled clothes is easier too!

 What’s sad though is that at some point, you will be in need of dryer repair. This is normal, and most people choose to go for appliance repair instead of completely replacing their appliances since appliances usually just need a bit of attention to get them up and running again. Without a dryer, getting your clothes ready to wear will take longer and the act alone of drying them would take much effort from your end as well. You certainly don’t want that, would you? Here are some of the most common problems that dryers encounter, and what you can do from your end to keep your dryer in good condition.

 DIY Dryer Troubleshooting

You won’t have to go through all the trouble of getting a dryer repair when you can diagnose and remedy the problems you encounter with it at home. Usually, a lot of dryer problems can be solved at home and it would only take a bit of your time to determine the problem and sort things out. Here are the most commonly noted dryer problems which lead to calls for appliance repair, but can be easily avoided:

  • Dryer won’t start – This is actually one of the simplest problems. Make sure your dryer is plugged in and that it has a stable power source. Check the electricity cord if it is in good condition, and check the socket if it’s working as well. Use another appliance if you must to see if the socket you are using gets power. Check the door switch’s condition as well, paying particular attention to the plunger. If it is bent or broken, you should consider replacing this part. You should also have a look at the thermal fuse if it is in good condition.
  • Dryer door won’t remain closed – This can be a troublesome problem because some dryers won’t function unless the door is closed, and although you can stay around to keep it in position, that’s not an entirely safe or convenient thing to do. The great news is that the door’s latch, which is easily replaceable, might be the only problem. Yank out the broken or bent latch and install a new one by pushing it in. Using some tape to keep things in place won’t hurt too.
  • Dryer makes weird sounds – Disassemble your dryer and make sure it isn’t plugged before you do so. Check on the drum’s support rollers as these may be the sources of the unwanted sounds. Install a new roller and keeper, but make sure you don’t lubricate the shaft. The drum’s support rollers would usually be worn at this point that’s why they’re making noises, so replace the rollers and the belt as well if needed.
  • Drum does not rotate but the motor is running – There is a simple fix for this by replacing the belt. The problem will most probably be caused by a broken belt and it would simply mean replacing it with a new one by routing the new belt in where the old one was before.
  • No heat coming from the dryer – If your dryer, electric or gas no longer heats up, you should check the thermal fuse. However, replacing this by yourself can get quite tricky and testing for thermal fuse continuity can be hard too, which is why you might want to go for professional appliance repair services which we can happily provide you.

You would only need basic materials to fix your dryer problems and you’ll be back to using it in a jiffy. Make sure you do the following tips to keep your dryer in good condition for much longer:

  • Have a stable source of electricity.
  • Do not overload your dryer.
  • Use it gently and be careful when opening and closing the door.
  • Spend some time cleaning it and removing visible lint whenever you can.

But what happens when after your DIY troubleshooting and first aid repair, your dryer still isn’t working? This is where we come in.

 Quality Dryer Repair Services

We have been in the industry for several years and we know all there is to know about why your dryer is malfunctioning. When your DIY steps are no longer working, you can come to us for help and we will come right when you need us with a van full of all the things we need to get your appliance going. We provide a wide range of services for your appliances and when you have more specific dryer-related needs, we can help you out.

 We pride ourselves in providing top-quality services to help ensure that your appliances will be up and running once we’re done with the repairs. If you are concerned with parts replacement or determining the source of the problem, we have it covered. We have parts compatible with all major appliance brands; just give us an idea of what’s wrong and you can expect us to arrive with a complete armada of tools for repairing your dryer.

 Big or small, we can address your dryer repair needs for you. Think of all the savings you can make by having our professional technicians determine and solve your dryer problems! Instead of running off and buying a new one, we can get to the root cause of the dryer problem and fix it for you at more affordable rates. When you call us today, we can come at the most convenient time for you and you can expect your dryer to work as soon as we’re done!

Call us today  – 714-450-3994. Our dispatchers will be glad to answer all your questions regarding your broken appliances and will schedule a repair appointment for the most suitable time for you.